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3/19 Iraq War Blogswarm - Posts Starting with P

Here are links to the posts from blogs starting with the letter "P," along with brief intros quoted from the posts.

Padre Mickey's Dance Party:
Blogswarm Against The War
Now it’s five years later, and the U.S. is still in Iraq. Rather than being greeted with candy and flowers and as liberators, some 3988 members of the U.S. military are dead, and (according to some 1,189,173 Iraqis are dead. Water and electricity is still below pre-invasion levels.

Cheney, McCain Give Happy Talk in Sad Country
Sen. John McCain, to whom President Bush wants to pass the war baton, also visited Baghdad this week, and also spoke happily: “We find a continued success of the strategy …”, and “The surge is working.” But the time for the “surge” is up, and it has failed. Its benchmarks have not been met and there is no exit in sight for U.S. troops.

Pine Belt Progressive:
5 Years — Reflections from the Deep Red
So much has been written about the war in Iraq this week, I have been forced to think pretty hard about what I can say about it that others aren’t saying already. A few thoughts on my personal experiences the past five years are the best that I can do.

2002 and 2003 were not exactly a season of hope for me. I remember thinking pretty early on that there wasn’t much chance of stopping the war, but that people who thought it was a bad idea were obligated to try. I wrote letters to my congressional delegation and to the President on the moral, economic, and political consequences of an aggressive war. Perhaps my most bizarre personal political experience of the last eight years was receiving, during the 2004 presidential campaign, an autographed photo of George W. Bush addressed to me.

Pink Ladybug:
Crap, when I changed my URL I forgot all about today’s blogswarm!!!
Well, I will just have to post here at my new blog and hope that there aren’t too many people pissed off b/c the link to my old blog is dead. So… what can I say about the war? Well, I’m opposed to it, obviously. The entire basis for it was a lie. There are some great songs about it on the various Rock Against Bush collections out there. My doctor was away for about 18 months serving active duty, which really disturbed me; he’s been my doctor since I was an egg. Several of my friends have loved ones in Iraq right now. I’ve chatted with a few guys who are over there too. I just sincerely hope that whoever we elect this year will actually find a way to end this war and bring our troops home safely without leaving the innocent people of Iraq in complete devastation.

Poetic Justice:
3,2,1, 0... WAR ANIMALS (1 million dead Blogswarm)
'3' Civil War (March 19th, 2006)

I have traveled to the edge of Iraq
And peered over.

She panted treacherously.

An auspicious anniversary
The war in Iraq is now five years old. My oldest son, Joshua, just turned six. Like all other mothers, I dream of what the world will be like as he grows. Because of this war, I know of a few things that he, and his younger brother, will now have to face.

First, they will encounter a world scarred by a foreign policy based upon hatred of the “other,” based upon the notion that the United States has the right to dictate to others around the globe how they should be and how they should act.

5 Jahre Irak - Krieg sind 5 Jahre zuviel
Heute, vor 5 Jahren, begann der völkerrechtswidrige Krieg der willigen Koalition gegen den Irak. Was für Gründe auch immer vorgehalten haben mögen, dieser Krieg ist wie viele Kriege nicht nur völlig sinnlos sondern auch illegal.

Politics Plus:
March 19 Blogswarm: The Cost of War
A while back, before I knew I would be feeling worse than anything buried in my cat box, I committed to write this article as a participant in March 19 Blogswarm. That commitment is too important to sweep aside.

On March 19, 2003, George Bush and the GOP attacked the sovereign nation of Iraq:

raq: 5 years later, still 5 years behind
As I sit here and write this post, I am having a hard time figuring out what to say, because what else is there to say? It troubles me that as much as I oppose the war, I can’t sit here and give you fresh insight as to why I oppose the war. What I can do is give you my personal opinion on how I feel about the war, our continued efforts in Iraq, and what I see it doing to America.

First, this war is ridiculous

Iraq Blog Swarm - No words just pictures
This posting features 3 anti-war videos.

The Public Intellectual:
Is the Surge Really Working?
“The surge is working” John McCain keeps saying.

Clearly McCain is invested deeply in his own lunge for power. In 2007 he abandoned many of his long-held beliefs in order to align with the Republican Party. As Barack Obama quipped, “Somewhere along the way, the ’straight talk express’ lost some wheels.”

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