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3/19 Iraq War Blogswarm - Blogs Starting with C

Here are links to the posts from blogs starting with the letter "C," along with brief intros quoted from the posts.

Caminante, No Hay Camino:
5 Years Out
The reasons behind the war were a lie in the beginning.

The self-justification in the 'decider's' speech today is delusional.

The war is criminal.

Blogswarm Against the War
Today marks five years since the US started bombing Iraq.

While others out there will offer reflections on what it has meant, I am simply going to post the service, readings and meditation we had the day after the bombs started to fall. Context is everything: I serve a congregation that is half a mile from the nation's oldest private military college and needed to be aware of people's thoughts even as I was and always have been totally against this so-called war.

can we all just agree?:
five years too many.
but then i realized that i don't have the heart or the stomach to write a
carefully researched analytical piece on the implications of the war (although i am grateful to the people who can.)

i just want you to think of the people you love best: your kids, your nephews and nieces, your parents, your girlfriend/boyfriend/partner/husband/wife, your best friends, your grandparents, and then i want you to imagine them dead. killed by a bomb that fell on their bed while they were sleeping, blown up by a suicide bomber while they were shopping for food, shot in the head by a soldier because they didn't understand the command to stop, ripped apart by an improvised explosive devise that their tank ran over, burned to death in an explosion after a rocket hit their vehicle, tortured to death by militia members or american soldiers, wasted away completely by diarrhea from some water-borne illness, caught in the crossfire between someone and someone else...

Cathleen's Place:
March 19, 2008 End the War in Iraq Blogswarm
Many years ago, when I was working at University City High School, a war called Desert Storm started. The students were electrified and could talk of nothing else. UC High is in very conservative country, for the most part, but there were quite a few kids who understood that going to war for oil was insane. The students who thought it was great came to school wearing red, white and blue top hats, little pins with pro-war slogans and waving baby American flags. They'd ask, "Aren't you so proud to be an American?" They were baffled by my negative response. I always added, "I may not be proud to be an American, but I am always grateful to have been born in America."

Cause for Concern:
Iraq War Blogswarm - 3-19-08 - 3992
I'm sad to announce that, according to today's count on the Iraq Coalition Casualties website, that we're - on the 5 year anniversary of this illegal war - just 8 dead Americans short of 4000.

That last statement was foul.

Celestial Dreams:
March 19th, 5 years too many. End the war.
Today thousands will gather in cities all across America to express their opposition to the war in Iraq.

Please visit to find an event near you.

Visit to keep up to date with today’s highlights or check out the numerous blogs that will covering the anniversary today:

my angry poem, “Votary of destruction”
I wrote this a few months ago when i was sort of ‘ticked off’ about the disintegration of our constitutional rights, the Iraq war, and the multitude of other ongoing outrageous scandals.

The Chawed Rosin:
Long Past Time to End the War
Although those responsible for the war made the dubious claim that the invasion was necessary to protect the security of the United States, even their most credulous supporters eventually saw the unlikelihood of any true threat from a nation so much smaller and more vulnerable than our own.

Cheezy's Blog - Scratch & Sniff:
5 Years On
Five years on from the launch of the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq, it's a good time to take stock of the results.

Doubtless you'll have your own sources, but at the moment I'm finding Juan Cole's website a very good one for reporting the events on the ground - at the very least it gives the lie to the old 'surge is working' narrative that the MSM has been promoting over the past few months.

Chicken Yoghurt:
March 19 Iraq War Blogswarm: A child called ‘It’
Little Warren Iraq is five today. He’s been something of a problem child. Never out of trouble, always in the papers, some people have said he’s symptomatic of what’s wrong with the world today. He’s something of a talisman to those who want to see a better and fairer society.

Coffee Messiah:
Blogswarm - March 19, 2008
A warless world will come
as men develop warless hearts.
Charles Wesley Burns


The single clenched fist lifted and ready,
Or the open hand held out and waiting.
For we meet by one or the other.

Carl Sandburg

cognitive dissent:
Iraq War II: five years
Today is the fifth anniversary of Bush's invasion of Iraq, which should prompt some reflection upon where we are and how we got here. Accordingly, here are some of my (many, far too many...) posts on the mess in Mesopotamia:

Complex System of Pipes:
world against war
World against War protest yesterday. See reports with pics from Jamie and Lenin. Turnout was a few tens of thousands - a pretty impressive mobilisation, all things considered - of which 6 buses from Greater Manchester.

Concerned TN Citizens:
Regional Peace Vigils Make Channel 5 News!
The segment on the vigils at King College and in Johnson City start at about 3:34 in the telecast..

Consequences of Republicanism:
5 Years of Iraq: Activism Needed
Today is the 5 year anniversary of Bush's unprovoked war against Iraq. After the American media abandoned their crucial role of informing the people and decided to instead sell this war, it took years for the full scope of Bush's lies to emerge. Now that we know how he deliberately misled us into this war, it is mind-blowing to see the utter lack of accountability which has followed. Impeachment proceedings should begin immediately, but we must not lose sight of an even greater responsibility - ending this war. Today should be a day of reflection for what we as individual Americans can do to make this happen.

Contextual Criticism:
When Is a War Not a War? In Iraq
The so-called war in Iraq is not a war. It never was a war. Our Iraq adventure has been circumscribed by two events: an invasion and an occupation.

Patrick Cockburn of CounterPunch explains the invasion, which began on March 19, 2003: While there was some conflict and some resistance, he says, by and large the reason the allied forces marching to Baghdad "had an easy passage ...[was] because the Iraqi army did not fight. Even the so-called elite Special Republican Guard units, well paid, well equipped and tribally linked to Saddam, went home."

Courting Destiny:
3WW: money, tangled, understood: Small Wars; fiction though the war isn’t
Here’s a Bush marking the five year anniversary slide show. I’ll save you the trouble, because who actually wants to look at him?. He said we’ll stay with the course while he acknowledged the cost has been much more than anticipated. Of course all the costs are much more. As I remember the war supposedly ended about six weeks after it began. Courting Destiny began as our way of protesting the RNC in New York in 2004. Our original url, is one of our proudest partial lines. We didn’t know that some crazy radical rightists thought they ran the blogosphere, and yes we can admit it now, made us kind of cry. We wouldn’t back down then and we’re certainly not going to back down now.

The Cranky Webmaster:
Waterloo 2
The President of the United States awoke today as if it were any other day. He showered, shaved and dressed himself in a suit. He doubtless ate breakfast and joked with friends about this or that. Eventually he made his way to a podium where, as Commander in Chief, he presented his analysis of the past five years of war in Iraq. He was upbeat, arrogant and unrepentant. It was George W. Bush at his finest, full of confidence, basking in the glory of his military successes.

Cupcake Punk:
It's hard to claim chocolate as anti-war; thousands gallons of oil are used to produce and ship it around the world and it's such a bourgeois item. BUT food is community. Food brings people together. Food defines relationships. Food brings peace. Imagine Iraqis and Americans and Africans and Europeans sitting down to a meal together. Somewhere, in between the shared culture of nourishment, positive conversation occurs, opinions are challenged, expanded.

The Curmudgeon:
2003 And All That
The Iraq War was a war fought in Iraq but not against Iraq by the Coalition of the Willing against the forces of Soddomite reprision.

Causes of the Iraq War
1. The Soddom Hussein. The Soddom was the evil ruler of Iraq. It was a pro-Western ally and thus widely hated by the Arab Multitudes, and also an anti-Western fanatic and thus widely hated by the Civilised World.

Cut to the Chase:
Iraq War Blogswarm: Three Trillion Lies And Still Going Strong
Today, as we mark that dark mid-March day in 2003 when President Bush, complete with a raised fist pumping air like he was about to go into the final playoffs to give "'em one more for the Gipper..." gesture and dispatched the first soldiers off to war, the cold, harsh light of day makes it a heluva lot easier to see all the lies.

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