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3/19 Iraq War Blogswarm - Blogs Starting with A

Here are links to the posts from blogs starting with the letter "A," along with brief intros quoted from the posts.

Aaru Tuesday:
5 Years
Today is the Blogswarm Against The War, because we have been doing this for five freaking years now. I am caught up in silence, sadly, but there is one thing connected to the war I wanted to jot down, because it has been bugging me in blogland lately; Ferraro, blah, Steinem, blah, Feldt - especially Feldt. I mean, just look at Feldt:

The War On Iraq: The Forgotten Ones
Most reasonably intelligent people know that around one million people have died as a result of The Big Lie. Most people who don’t have their heads up their asses know that nearly 4000 Americans have lost their lives and tens of thousands more maimed or otherwise injured.

But how about those who are forgotten? Anyone familiar with the term “Refugee"?

Above and Beyond:
Five Years Later
A successful endeavor?- Suicides, family breakups, depression and social stigma are just some of the hidden legacies of the Iraq war among the more than one million US troops who have served in the campaign.

Acts of Hope:
Blogswarm against the war: hope in the rain
There were perhaps thirty of us, in the rain and wind, standing at a corner. Some held signs, others made peace signs with their fingers, others simply stood.

Several were from my congregation; its oldest members, in fact. A few were students. One was a little girl in a pink slicker, standing under the protective arm of her mother. She was the only child out on this night. Two photographers snapped pictures. At least four, maybe five of those in attendance were clergy; not young ones, but the young ones were tending to Holy Week duties and perhaps families; the retired ones were there in the rain, in clerical collars and raincoats and wrinkles.

Adam Kokesh - Revolutionary Patriot:
5 Years
Dennis Kucinich at WS, with a cameo by Adam Kokesh
YouTube video with Kucinich at Winter Soldier.
Fight climate change, not war
From the beginning it was nothing more than an unjustified war of aggression by a group of countries, the US, UK and Australia, whose historical pretensions of moral superiority can now clearly be seen as false, disguises for greed and criminality. It has put the final nail in the coffin of the US economy and completely corrupted the already fragile US political system, probably beyond repair. Not only has it ruined countless lives, the money it has wasted would have gone a long way to solving the real crisis facing the world and that is climate change.

After Downing Street:
Photos from March 18-19 in DC by Mike Hearington
Link to protest photos included.

al Qaeda in Albuquerque:
A deal for Saddam: What might have been
Suppose that 5 years ago today, 19 March 2003, the Congress had voted to strike a deal with Saddam: We'll buy all Iraq's oil for $90/bbl, starting immediately - 20 March 2003.

The going price was ~$30/bbl.
This proposal would have represented about a 200% mark-up over then-current market price.

The Tribe
The Tribe was strong and proud. Its members lived in peace and prosperity in a time when other savage tribes scrabbled and fought and warred just to maintain meager survival. The Tribe had survived and grown because its people offered all they had - the best of their abilities, a fair share of their possessions, their very lives to the benefit of the tribe. And in return, they were rewarded, each to the measure of their efforts, so that the richer and stronger the Tribe became, the wealthier and more powerful each member and each family became along with it.

Alien Trucker:
My Hero - Our Tree House - His Flag
There are moments in time that will always be a major part of your memories, Some can be that very moment when something wonderful happens that changes your life. Some are the moments spent with friends and family over many years. Some come from a traumatic moment that you or someone close experiences. This story has all three. Try to bear with me as this post may get long with memories hitting me from all sides and pouring out.

All Things Democrat:
Iraq War - 2003-2008 - So Far
I’m sad to announce that, according to today’s count on the Iraq Coalition Casualties website, that we’re - on the 5 year anniversary of this illegal war - just 8 dead Americans short of 4000.

That last statement was foul.

American Leftist:
Iraq War Blogswarm
"Why is it so difficult to organize opposition to the war?"- During the lunch hour, I, along with my young son, attended a protest to mark the fifth anniversary of the Iraq war on the north side of the capital here in Sacramento. The crowd numbered 75 to 100 people, and I recognized a number of them from past instances of activism related to peace issues, immigration, Chiapas and the environment.

And, Yes I DO Take It Personally:
Iraq War Blogswarm
Today, March 19, marks the 5 year anniversary of the biggest Military/Foreign Policy blunder since the Viet Nam Fiasco: King George's Holy Oedipal Crusade On Iraq.

(Crossposted at Blog of Revelation.)

The Angryindian:
Remembering The Downing Street Memorandum
I expected most people and the mainstream media to focus on American military expenditures and the U.S. body count inching its way up to 4000 with a few enterprising souls reminding us that Iraqi’s and Afghans are dying too and in that order. What I am concerned with did not get much mention at all, even when it originally transpired there was scant reportage and what notice that did exist failed to acknowledge the gravity of the matter. This of course is exactly what the Bush administration needed and wanted. And the American press allowed them to get away with it. If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m referring to the Downing Street Memorandum, the leaked document detailing the minutes of a classified July 2002 meeting between then British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his senior intelligence advisers namely England’s real life “C”, Sir Richard Dearlove.

Iraq: What You Can Do
The war has created 5 million refugees

If you really want to help the people of Iraq, there are three things you can do:
(Crossposted at Liberal Avenger)

arduous blog:
My Prayer
Wednesday, March 19th marks the 5th anniversary of the Iraq War. Tonight I came home and took a shower by candle light. It was all I could think to do right now to commemorate the troops who have passed away and those that fight on.

I'd like to talk about how demand for oil is destroying the fabric of our country. I'd like to wax eloquent on the plight of the Iraqi people. But not now.

article of faith:
Doofus: "No Regrets"
Bush Defends Iraq War on Fifth Anniversary:

“Removing Saddam Hussein from power was the right decision—no regrets, and this is a fight America can and must win. Defeating this enemy in Iraq will make it less likely we will face this enemy here at home.

The Aristocrats:
Bringing It All Back Home
I was in Amman, Jordan this morning, strolling through King Abdullah's lovely rose garden, thinking about this very thing, this 'freedom thing' that so many members of the opposition party like to say I'm obsessed with. The sun was shining brightly, the caged birds were singing, and well, it was hard not to be thinking about freedom.

Atheist Revolution:
Stop the Iraq War
My country is at war. That seems like a strange statement, especially when this is the fifth year it has been true. In examining my daily life, nobody would guess I was a citizen in a nation at war, and I am hardly unique in this respect. With the exception of those who have close friends or family serving in Iraq, the daily lives of my fellow Americans remain largely unaffected by this war. Is this why we are not out in the streets demanding immediate withdrawal? Or perhaps our inaction reflects the sort of learned helplessness that sets in after years of observing the utter lack of accountability which pervades our government. Our president and his minions do what they want without regard for the law, and our Congress refuses to reign them in at all.

i’ve not posted about the war for a long time. frankly, it depresses me too much. but this, this i just couldn’t pass up.

as i’m sure you know the united states passed a landmark this week - 4,000 dead american service men and women from the war in iraq.

Attending the World:
“Ovens” of Abu Ghraib? Troops HAVE gone Insane!
What has become of America? Have we become the Nazis of the 21st Century? It’s bad enough we have done the following (see Video), but this story is very disturbing indeed. Our troops in Iraq HAVE gone insane!


Aunt Dahlia:
Iraq 5 Years Later
None of this is apropos of anything, except that I wonder now, 5 years after the invasion, how the war will affect those who are fighting it 20 or 40 years from now. Will they talk about it? Will they feel that they were fighting for a just cause, or will they be angry at the loss of years of their life toward a war they opposed? I’m sure there will be some of both.

Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer
War on Drugs <=> War in Iraq
Both Wars
  • Are costing the American taxpayer billions and billions of dollars. Trillions if the full economic costs are calculated.
  • Have huge ‘cottage’ industries supporting them, and someone is getting rich off of them.
  • Cost American lives. And foreign lives, of course – for those who care.
  • Are premised on lies.
  • Depend on ignorance. The more people educate themselves about the truth, and find out what’s really going on, the less they support both wars.

Automatic Preference:
March 19 Iraq War Blogswarm
Coverage of Winter Soldier, just held in Silver Spring, Maryland. (H/T b. medusa), organized by Iraq Veterans Against the War.
(The blog has embedded video from Winter Soldier coverage.)

An Average Patriot:
Besides inhuman living standards and 2 million immigrants look at Bush's Iraq success from a morticians eyes!
What Bush doesn't want you to hear about his created Hell for Iraqi civilians! First "Despite claims that the security situation has improved in recent months, the human rights situation is disastrous," Amnesty International says in its report, titled "Carnage and Despair: Iraq Five Years On." In a summary of the report, Amnesty writes that "a climate of impunity has prevailed, the economy is in tatters and the refugee crisis" keeps escalating.

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