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3/19 Iraq War Blogswarm - Blogs Starting with T

Here are links to the posts from blogs starting with the letter "T" along with brief quotes from the posts.

Tampon Teabag:
Nothing to add
It's 5 years since the invasion of Iraq. At the time, Robin Cook said it best.

Tangled Up in Blue Guy
Sacrificing for the War
Once thriving neighborhoods in the cities of Iraq are now rubble. Jobs for rebuilding go to imported labor while Iraqis are rejected by profiteering subcontractors. Billions of dollars for rebuilding just disappear, and the Senate holds no hearings on accountability (except to try to find a menacing corruption in the Oil for Food program of years back.)

Tea With Dee:
Five years ago today...
It's time to bring our soldiers home.

Ten Percent: (Oh yes!)
Iraq War Blogswarm- Withdrawal, Reparations, Prosecutions
But here’s the rub, does it really take a genius to ask themselves- why does a country that within its own borders perpetuates all manner of cruelty, inequality and injustice and in fact exports those same values in various colonial and imperial adventures. Why do people think that it will bring the milk of human kindness to another nation by means of a large force of people trained and equipped to kill? Because it’s not just the intent one has to question it is also the means to achieve the stated goals.

Theatrical Milestones:
5 Years ... And Getting Tired
In 2005, The Ex (to whom I was then still married) told me that he had received orders to deploy to Iraq for 6 months, right in the midst of our divorce, when we were starting to heal the wounds with which our marriage had left us and become friends again. This would be his second trip to "the sandbox," and, truth be told, it scared the hell out of me. I started crying on the phone and threatened to stalk his commander in my lacy undies, if only to convince him to send The Ex somewhere else, or to let him stay at home. I also threatened to pray for a reassignment. I did. A week later, The Ex's orders were changed. Instead of Iraq, he was deployed to Afghanistan, to work the passenger terminal and distribute supplies in the "area." And to ship the coffins home. Coffins filled with people whom, only a few weeks before, he had seen coming off the plane.
Five Years of War
In 2004, the city of Fallujah was overrun by occupying forces, after being taken by insurgents. Reporters have not, on the whole, been able to visit Fallujah to see what happened. However, information that has filtered out suggests that the city was almost completely destroyed. One of the surveys of civilian deaths in Iraq visited Fallujah and found a very high figure. This suggests that civilian Fallujah was hit indiscriminately, as American forces attempted to flush out insurgents. The Geneva Conventions define this as a war crime.

This Journey:
Blogswarm - blog against the war
There are more than 1 million reasons to oppose this war. And just because I’m proud to be called a bleeding heart liberal I’m participating in this blog swarm. Yes. Why not? More than 1 million dead seems to be a good enough reason to oppose it.

But there are other really good reasons. For instance, a ruling party that says “support the troops” by underfunding veterans hospitals and cheating widows and orphans out of their pensions so that the rich can get richer. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Tippytoes and Tantrums:
No More War
When I told Kevin about the blogswarm and that I was participating, well, let's say he joked about how this was maybe not the best way to change public policy. I am a suburban mom with two kids; I'm tired of only being relevant at election time when the soccer mom vote needs courting.

For almost five years I've had a bumper sticker on my car that says "Join the MOB, Moms Opposing Bush." I've gotten tons of positive comments - and many from Republicans eager to share their disappointment with the current administration - and two negative ones.

Transparent Things
End Occupation of Iraq
Well, here it is. The 5 year anniversary. If you all have a chance today visit this website and listen to a few first person accounts.

Truth, Justice, & Peace:
War No More
To some extent, I live a life that is very far removed from the Iraq War. I don't know anyone who has served and it has not directly affected me or my family personally. But the reality is that is not correct, because this War Without End has impacted us all. We are fast approaching the 4,000th death (with the current count at 3982 deaths) of US Service members serving in Iraq, and 30,000 injuries, with untold (and uncounted) deaths and injuries of Iraq citizens.

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