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3/19 Iraq War Blogswarm - Blogs Starting with B

Here are links to the posts from blogs starting with the letter "B," along with brief intros quoted from the posts.

Bang the Drum:
Letters Home
Too many lives have been lost. Too many lies have been told. It’s time for the Bush administration to figure out that there is a time for us to end a Three Trillion Dollar War that has cost lives, jobs, families, mental health, and the moral authority of our nation.

In an hour or so, I will be at a vigil for those we’ve lost, and those we long to see again. Please join me by writing about an end to this war, or lighting your own candle and finding a like-minded group to tell Washington “no more war.”

Basket of Puppies:
Greed and Oil. Another war for our souls
If there is one story that describes this war it’s the tragedy of Col. Westhusing. Robert Bryce of the Texas Observer brought the suffering of the war to me with this one story. Colonel Ted Westhusing was true blue. A devout Catholic, he had a wife and three kids. When the war started, he truly believed in America. He believed what his superiors told him. He believed in the cause of this war. On June 5, 2005 he gave up believing. - it’s worth a read. Westhusing’s story is about how war broke his spirit, and how it’s depth of evil destroyed his soul.

Beau Bo D'Or:
Tony Blair Planning The Occupation
It wasn’t just Halliburton that did well from the war in Iraq.
While bodies were being flown home, The Blairs were working out how to make and spend their profits.

Beeston Quakers
Rallying for peace
Police said there were 10,000 people there. The organisers said there were 40,000. I don't know if I was included in their figures. All I know is that Trafalgar Square was full and that some groups were assempling in the adjoining streets. There was room to move on the edges of the square, but not much. I couldn't get a good photo showing everyone there. {with pictures}

Beginning to Wonder
A Responsible Plan
On this day which is being commemorated as the fifth anniversary of the day we blundered into Iraq, I have never been more proud to be a Democrat. Not only do our two fine candidates for President both far outshine anything that the broken Republican brand has put forth, but representatives of our Party have put together a plan that is sweeping and intelligent, and a stark contrast to the mendacious tomfoolery that the Republicans and the Bush administration have been peddling these last 5 years.

The War Drags On............

Between the Hammer and the Anvil:
It wasn’t just Halliburton that did well from the war in Iraq.
While bodies were being flown home, The Blairs were working out how to make and spend their profits.

BFD Blog
Clueless Losers File: Lynndie England
Truth really can be stranger than fiction. Less than two weeks after her release from military prison, the German magazine Stern has just run an interview with Lynndie England, who is arguably one of the most clueless losers of the century.

Bicycle Built for Two:
Five Years - A Personal Memoir
Five years ago today I was eight months pregnant with my son and staying with my mom in her home day and night as she tried desperately to recover from surgery to remove a tumor and battled painfully against the cancer which had spread throughout her body. My daughter, still a toddler lie sleeping in an extra room my mom had made just for her. My mom lay in her own bed while I waited for her to call for me, for ice chips, for meds, for anything at all she needed. I sat staring at the TV without recognizing sound or images, a book in my lap, not knowing what to do next, just waiting.

big microscope:
war is peace
reedom is slavery.

ignorance is strength.

most of us know, instinctively, that these three statements are absurd. yet these are all things republicans believe. how else can one explain the past five years of war in iraq? the bush administration would like you to believe that through war, we can achieve peace and ‘democracy’ in the middle east. they’d like you to think that freedom in this country will be protected by making us all slaves to the watchful eyes and ears of data-devouring, privacy-eviscerating government ‘security’ programs. and they want you to put those goddamn stubborn facts aside and just trust them to ensure america stays strong in the face of grave threats ‘out there’. truth be damned; dogma be praised.

Blazing Indiscretions
As the lack of coverage of the Winter Soldier hearings has proved, the corporate media is not open to the full extent of anti-war feeling, so this blogswarm is one aspect of new media filling the gaps left by institutions who (despite some mea culpas over their cheerleading of the rush to war 5 years ago) still feel most comfortable reflecting elite opinion. I am put in mind of two oft quoted phrases: "Be the change you want to see in the world"-(Mahatma Gandhi) & Be The Media! Combined we are doing that, we are being the media but a different media, we are enacting a change, not beholden to corporate interests or imperial objectives. A grassroots, human movement of global reach and consciousness.

Blog of Revelation:
Iraq War Blogswarm
Today, March 19, marks the 5 year anniversary of the biggest Military/Foreign Policy blunder since the Viet Nam Fiasco: King George's Holy Oedipal Crusade On Iraq.

(Crossposted at And, Yes I DO Take It Personally.)

The Iraq War (according to Page 3)
The Sun newspaper, in case you're not aware, is the British Murdoch-owned tabloid that helped Blair's government push the 45-minute WMD lie (even suggesting at one stage that they could have been deployed in 30 minutes), dedicated more column inches to a Labrador puppy thrown off an overpass than they did to the Abu Ghraib scandal (see bottom of this page), and endorsed Tony Blair on the eve of the post-Iraq general election by declaring that he had quite an enormous penis.

Blue Girl, Red State:
Five years ago today
I was a lone voice. We had not been here very long and I didn't know people then like I do now, but that didn't stop me from voicing my opinion about the path we were about to pursue as a nation. I was working all the time back then in the run-up to cashing on my chips, and one of my coworkers was an Army wife - sorta. He was a full-time reservist and a recruiter, and she had never lived on base or been a part of the military culture like I had, and I had a hard time with her "Hoo-Ah" support. That was a full service public health clinic, and it was me and one of the nurse practitioners who were the sole dissenters. Everyone else thought we would just reprise the 1991 Gulf War and be done with it in short order.

3990 3991
They are not just commas, Mr. Bush

Fifth Anniversary Observations
Me, personally? This is really the fifth anniversary of the war? Never would have believed it. Never would have guessed that what seemed like a lean and mean smash and grab that wouldn't last very long would have ensnared us in a quagmire of this magnitude. Our allies have abandoned us and fallen by the wayside. Our Veteran's Administration is understaffed, underfunded and overwhelmed. You would have been laughed out of the room if you had said we would have this many troops in Iraq right now. I was in uniform five years ago today. I was, thankfully, in a unit that wasn't in danger of deploying and I was, more thankfully, able to get the hell out of the military without being stop-lossed.

Blue Herald:
5 Years of War, 4,000 Dead and Hundreds of Lies
Five years and hundreds of lies later, here we are. Approaching 4,000 American lives lost. Up to 100,000 estimated wounded Americans. 1,189, 173 Iraqi deaths. Millions of Iraqis displaced. A civil war. Al Qaeda IS in Iraq now. A demolished infrastructure. A broken U.S. military. No sign of reconciliation in sight. A majority of Americans want our troops out of Iraq. A majority of Iraqis want our troops out of Iraq. In my mind, the greatest cost of this occupation has been the dead and wounded. You can’t put a price on life. You can’t put a price on body parts or mental health.

Borges Blogue:
Iraq War Blogswarm: The solution is apparent, it is not capitalism
The end of the Baathist regime in Iraq was meant to liberate the country from a repressive regime, as well as neutralising a perceived threat by that regime to the world. Years on, people are more oppressed than ever, as living standards have deteriorated and many still fear for their lives upon leaving their door, and the dangers posed by the terrorism which has found a home in Iraq are more real than ever.

A Global View of the Iraq War
Occasionally some of the most insightful and solid advice can come from beyond a nation's shores.

Here is some analysis by two American allies who are looking at America and the Iraq bedlam on this fifth anniversary of the immensely unpopular Iraq invasion.

Brilliant at Breakfast:
John McCain's "Slip" is More than Just That...Its Part of a Talking Points Campaign to Talk Iraq Into Iran. Stop the Insanity! End the War!
We have to nip this kind of propaganda in the bud. This talking points campaign is aimed at the news byte conscious. The retraction is usually on page 20, unless its caught in such an embarrassing light, as in this case.

Bring It On:
"Because We Acted..."
No doubt, we are all tired of listening to the sound bites carefully selected from today’s Presidential Propaganda Catapult launch from the Pentagon. I just want to unpack one paragraph. Have a gander and see what you think:

"Because we acted, Saddam Hussein no longer fills fields with the remains of innocent men, women and children."

Saddam’s dead, sure. But we have been responsible for putting a lot of innocent Iraqi men, women, and children in the ground too.

George Bush Says 5 Years Of War In Iraq Has Been 'Worth It'
After 5 years of war, the death of tens of thousands of Iraqi's as well as 3,990 American troops, President Bush claims that the War in Iraq has been 'worth it'. History will not be kind to this man. Today, over 300 progressive bloggers are swarming the blogosphere with their thoughts and opinions on this fifth anniversary of Bush's War in Iraq.

The Buddha Diaries:
Blogswarm Alert
Oh, and if you haven't already done so, please give a thought to joining this BLOGSWARM against this immoral, arrogant, never-ending war in Iraq. Thank you.

Byzigenous Buddhapalian:
BLOGSWARM 031908 - Part 1
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