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3/19 Iraq War Blogswarm - Blogs Starting with E

Here are links to the posts from blogs starting with the letter "E" along with brief quotes from the posts.

Eagle Eye's Omnipotent View
Atrocities in Iraq
Reasons to end the imperialist dynasty as stated by the IVAW:
*Corporate profiteering is driving the war in Iraq
*The occupation is a primary motivation for the insurgency and global religious extremism
*Our national “moral authority” is being undermined

Editor Mom
Five Costly Years in Iraq
For 5 long years, the United States has been engaged in an illegal war against Iraq. That is 5 years too many, 5 years too costly, in so many ways.
Five years after our military first put on an explosive show of its firepower, nearly 1 in 5 Iraqis is now a displaced citizen or a refugee in another nation, according to the International Organization for Migration. That's nearly 5.1 million human beings—2.7 million displaced and 2.1 million refugees—who have been forced to flee their homes.

Electronic Cerebrectomy
How Is This Winning?
Our economy is failing, and it will continue to fail as long as this war goes on. Watch this video, please. It's only about 90 seconds long, but it's from the BBC. And you do really have to get unfiltered news about America from the BBC or the Guardian or another unbiased source, because the American media will not tell you the truth. They're trying to scare you into keeping the economy moving, even as it's grinding to a halt.

The Eleventh
Five Years Forward, a Thousand Years Back
Gabe was there for two tours, his discharge date extended. He lost men in his unit, close friends, to sniper fire and IED’s. He came home with hundreds of photos, some heart-wrenching, some so horrifying I still see them in my sleep. And even though he’s home, he is still in the war, because it is still in him. Almost two years after his return stateside, he checked himself into the state psychiatric hospital for a week to deal with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Five years, countless lives & an unmitigated disaster
I know a guy who's served at least two tours in Iraq. I've fallen out of touch with C because he no longer dates my friend. After his first tour he came back and things seemed okay for a while and then things fell apart between the two of them. The final straw came when C had an opportunity to retire from the Army but decided to re-up because he was getting a huge bonus. He's a weapons specialist with the Stryker Brigade based at Fort Lewis and the Army was anxious to have him back. My friend couldn't handle his PTSD, the hair-trigger anger. She couldn't handle her own gut-wrenching anxiety either.
C was in Mosul on December 21, 2004, when a suicide attack killed 22 and wounded at least 72 in a dining hall. It took two days for my friend to hear if he was alive. Six of his fellow soldiers from Fort Lewis were killed in the attack. He told horror stories about being terrified of small children because they could be hiding weapons and could kill you. When I first met him he was a quiet, smart young man.

ex-lion tamer
the definition of insanity
the definition of insanity has been posited by alcoholics anonymous as “repeating the same action over and over again, hoping to achieve different results”.

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Anonymous said...

Look at what is going on in Iraq. When will everyone stop...all the innocent ppl women and children dieing look at all the hate and pain involved is that what you think god created us for? i dont care who you are and which god you beieve in He sees all and knows all ... whatching all of this war is like shoving a knife in his heart. god is the creater of all things, does anyone truly believe that he created us just to have us destroy it all. when a person is guilty of a crime such as murder, who are we to decide to take away a life that god created...isnt that for god to decide..."Dear god please keep all children safe and out of harms way in Iraq...