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3/19 Iraq War Blogswarm - Blogs Starting with R

Here are links to the posts from blogs starting with the letter "R" along with brief quotes from the posts (and a podcast!)-

Rabid Political Views of a Teenage Girl:
Hope. Despair. Peace. War.
Hope. Despair. Peace. War. We say they mean something to us, but do they? We become outraged as we watch a helpless puppy being thrown off of a cliff in Iraq. We scream injustice and demand punishment. Yet, how many thousands of Iraqi children do we brush off as collateral damage? What do we do? NOTHING!

Radical Cross Stitch:
Iraq I Roll
I thought about discussing how disgusting it is that there isn’t even a record of how many Iraqi people have died during their alleged liberation. It’s a bit hard to call it a liberation when the liberators have taken out more people than the original dictator.

Radio Utopie:
5 Jahre Krieg im Irak: 1 Million Tote
Der Westen kann stolz, stolz, stolz sein.
Stolz, stolz, stolz.
Nichts ihm etwas wert.
Er ist nichts wert.
Er ist es nicht wert, etwas wert zu sein.

Five years too long...
...while along the streets of Albuquerque are the men and women dressed in black, mourning the dead in a war that we never needed to fight, the loss of brothers and fathers in 5 years of fighting. It was an erie feeling driving between those silent watchers. They seemed to me not only to be mourning the dead of the last 5 years, but also the dead of the years to come.

Rambles thru the Brambles:
Ain't Gonna Study War No More
And... I'm tired. Tired of standing on the corner in the cold and the heat. Tired of having my house and garage taken over by large signs. Tired of the death and the destruction and the barrage of ads urging me to Shop til I drop. Tired of hearing "Impeachment is off the table" and of knowing that these guys are going to get away with it, no matter what I and many others like me want.

Still, what I do is little enough. I can barely live with myself now. How could I do less?


Rants from the Left:
Five Years of War: March 19th Blogswarm
The war in Iraq has had terrible consequences for the women of Iraq. They face increased oppression under the reactionary Islamic elements that are battling for control. They are losing their homes, their families, and their livelihoods. They prostitute themselves to feed their children. Among the general population, violence and intimidation toward women have significantly risen. Almost none of the jobs created by American reconstruction efforts have gone to women. And even if these jobs had been given to them, abduction, rape and murder are the punishments for some women who dare to hold a professional job. Iraqi women have been tortured, beaten, mutilated and murdered by Islamic extremists for appearing in public unveiled.

Rants from the Rookery:
The Iraq war
This will be George Bush's legacy: The Iraq quagmire, the Bush blunder, the unnecessary war, the war of choice, the attack on a sovereign nation that had not attacked us on 9/11/01. None of the multitudinous reasons .... excuses.... given for our being there have ever been found to be true.

Real Liberal Christian Church:
Antichrist, Get Out of Iraq and Leave Iran, Venezuela, and the rest of the World Alone: War-Maker versus Blessed Peacemaker, Negative versus Positive
5 years from the beginning of U.S. military strikes against Iraq. It’s the fifth anniversary of that despicable action sold to the American people and the world based upon blatant and transparent lies by people with huge greed, violence, and depravity in their hearts. It was a major historical sin that has dragged on and on due to the evil in the hearts of those who could have prevented it, who could have put a stop to it anytime during the last five years, and who could stop it now.

Rebellious Jezebel Blogging:
Five Years of War - Had Enough Yet?
And now, exactly what's been accomplished? All the promises of a "free and democratic" Iraq, down the tubes. In Riverbend's blog, you can read how life changed so drastically - from equal access to education and employment, women's rights went down the shitter. Religious factions busted out in full bigotry, even between Shiite and Sunni. The poor became poorer and lived more dangerous lives. The rich left. Or got bought out. For all the atrocities Saddam was accused of, he ran a tight ship, and frankly, more people have died in the war since 2003 than in all the years of Saddam's regime.

Remain Calm:
Kyra Phillips of CNN, Government Tool
From start to finish, it was nothing more than what the Bush administration wanted you to hear, even when directly asked about the hardship of Iraqis, she performed as a dutiful Bush stooge.

This morning she appeared dressed in something like Viet Nam era Army battle fatigues. She was wearing an army green baseball cap with the letters CNN on the front.

Kyra Phillips Gets Suprise Interview With Petraeus After This Mornings Kissassery
Still wearing here fatigues (see below) and perhaps because she was wearing her fatigues (and more likely was spewing the Bush party line) Kyra Phillips got an exclusive interview with General David Petreaus. Not only was it exclusive, it was a surprise. CNN had, as late as 9:30AM this morning, scheduled other material for that same time slot.

A Republican for Freedom
A Not So Happy Anniversary
How much longer will this killing go on? We aren't safer and we forgot about Bin Laden. Support the troops, stop letting them die for Bush/Cheney's war and bring them home to there families before we lose more!

RIP Hussein Coco:
John McCain's "Slip" is More than Just That...Its Part of a Talking Points Campaign to Talk Iraq Into Iran. Stop the Insanity! End the War!
This tragic week marks our 5th year in Iraq, and the occasion has been used as a propaganda tool for everyone in this administration, from the top on down, to get us ready for the NEXT war! Just as you're thinking that it couldn't be possible, and how could they think that America has the will or strength to enlarge our presence in the middle east, think again. These people don't care what you or I think. They care only for their bottom line and for their own best interest.
Iraq Blogswarm
I talked to several American soldiers I know and asked them to let me interview them for this blog. They of course declined in fear of repercussions. When I asked why they thought we were in Iraq, three said,”Because Osama blew up them buildings, that’s what really started it.” (their answers made no sense whatsoever).

Rhode Island Community E-Source:
Iraq: In Fighting This Battle, Mr. Bush Lost the War
Of course, the falling dollar, the outrageous deficit, the rising cost of oil, the willing abandonment of civil liberties, the adoption of the means of torture of our enemies, and - worst of all - the constant fear that terrorists hope to create by their actions... all speak to the fact that these terrorists have defeated this President, as his actions have fed into their stated goals at every step.

UFPJ has sent out an alert regarding events in DC during the week of March 19. Unlike the September Rally and March, UFPJ is coordinating a series of civil disobedience events on 3/19, all of which are intended to interrupt business as usual for those promoting and profiting from war and empire building.

March 19th Iraq War 5th Anniversary Blogswarm
Five years ago I joined a group of a hundred or so people in the park, next to the fountain, where we lit candles and held silent vigil, as part of a national effort to bring attention to the imminent invasion of Iraq by the United States. We hoped to shed some light on the debate over Iraq and bring an end to the wholesale rush to war. Unfortunately the orders had been given and the machinery of war was already in motion. No mere protest by a scattering of citizens, in parks and squares around the country was going to stop it.

Ruins of Empire:
March 19th Blogswarm: U.S. Presence in Iraq-Irrelevant!
And so it began five years ago....
5 years, nearly over a million dead and counting, and for what?

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