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3/19 Iraq War Blogswarm - Blogs Starting with S

Here are links to the posts from blogs starting with the letter "S," along with brief intros quoted from the posts.

St. Anne, Pray for Us:
V. Thou Shall Not Kill
There are so many ways to observe this commandment in today's world. Or perhaps I should say there are so many ways not to observe it.
Waging war is humankinds most horrific act of violence.

Shape of a Drum:
5 Years
Today marks the fifth anniversary of the historic fuck-up that is the US invasion of Iraq. I've wanted to contribute to the March 19 blogswarm against the war, without quite having any idea what I'd find to say that isn't just "stop the madness," because really, that's what I want to say, over and over.

Shuck and Jive:
Not Ready to Make Nice
On Blogswarm you will find links to bloggers who are taking this day, the 5th anniversary of the U.S. led invasion of Iraq, to write about our past, present, and future. Five years ago when I served in the Yellowstone Presbytery, I introduced a resolution about the upcoming invasion. A couple of my UCC colleagues and I drafted this as an ecumenical statement for Montana clergy against the war. I adapted it for our presbytery.

Silicon Valley Moms Blog:
Sacrificing Our Babies
I listen to public radio at night and frequently - almost nightly - I hear a report about deaths in Iraq. It is usually just a quick note on an attack or shooting, and the news saddens me, but I always catch my breath when I hear the age of the deceased. Young soldiers barely out of high school, dying in this war and for this war, depresses me, especially when I think about their parents or even worse, their children and spouses and how they have to go on without this person. I'm also sad for the Iraqi parents and their children, who are surrounded by uncertainty and violence. Every innocent person who dies in Iraq was someone's baby.

Sim-O's Random Thoughts:
Iraq: Five Years
What has been the result of this war so far?

Iraq has a different leader, this one sits in the White House, and fuck more people are dying and being killed everyday than happened whilst Saddam was in power.

5 Years Too Many
It's midnight, so here's a preliminary anti-war post to commemorate the 5th anniversary, in keeping with the March 19th Iraq War Blogstorm.

I will be attending a peace & impeachment vigil at Jim Inhofe's office.

Sirens Chronicles:
Multiple Postings Under the Iraq War Blogswarm Label

Some Notes on Living:
I ain’t a marching anymore - Phil Oches (rip)
This is my post for the blog swarm , to raise my voice , and tap my keyboard in the hopes that adding to the ground swell of grief , outrage, frustration, and did i say outrage angst, despair, anger, SORROW, shame, heartbreak and soul sickness, so many of us, (75%) still feel about the illegal occupation by our country in Iraq. A raw act of unprovoked aggression. (dispite the global protests at least 10 million strong ) They did not listen, but broke all precident of the rules of engagement (war) since our constitution. In short captain bunny pants and Darth Vader , (Impeach Bush, Torture Cheney) and John Yoo, head of the of UC Berkeley School of Law (this guy sooo needs to GO, what a disgrace to Berkeley and the LAW)And Bibi the torture twister memo “lawyer”

Sometimes I feel like Jurgis Rudkus:

Effects of War on the Home Front
Here we are at the 5 year anniversary of the War in Iraq. The truth is that “War in Iraq” is being used in the media because it has a nice beat and you can dance to it. What this debacle has turned into is the Occupation of Iraq.

That’s right, occupation!

Stephenson blogs on homeland security 2.0:
Today’s sorry anniversary: Operation Rolling Blunder
OK, the subprime lender debacle can’t be tied to it (other than the general problem of CEO hubris, whether the organization in question is the US Government or Countrywide Financial). However, I’m hard-pressed to think of any other major problem in the US right now, from lousy healthcare for returning vets to underfunding of infrastructure repairs (hmm: we can spend billions to rebuild and rebuild roads over there, but can’t do it over here) that can’t be traced to the military, budgetary, humanitarian (insert adjective of your choice here) debacle that is Iraq.

Because we acted...
Because we acted, more than one million Iraqis have died.

Because we acted, almost three million Iraqis have been displaced.

Because we acted, Baghdad has been ghettoized and turned into the world's most dangerous city.

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